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Rates & Payment Options

Akron Area Commercial Cleaning - Rates
Residential Cleaning Rates

We charge $40 per cleaning hour for all first-time* maid service customers.

* The first cleaning in all new accounts generally requires the most detailing and tends to be our longest visit within the home. Subsequent cleanings generally decrease in time. It is always easier to maintain a home after the initial cleaning with regular frequency of maid service.
We charge $33.00 per cleaning hour for all established maid service customers.

* All customers are established after they have completed an initial cleaning, regardless of frequency.

Specialty cleanings and additional residential services will be quoted prior to services being rendered.
There will be a $25 minimum trip charge billed for any scheduled residential service for non-cancellation of service prior to our arrival or any residential homes where access is inhibited on the part of the customer. We prefer a cancellation of 24 hours minimum to redirect the 
staff appropriately.
Residential Carpet Cleaning

Three-room cleaning is $119.99, and includes furniture moving. We clean carpets that are up to 200 square feet per room.
Additional room charges range $20 to $45 based on size and condition. Additional costs will be charged for heavily soiled carpets and the moving of large items.

Janitorial rates are quoted on a per-job basis. Please contact us for more information.
We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks as forms of payment. Proper ID is required. All first-time customers are required to make full payment at completion of job. Established customers may choose to pay at each visit, within the next 10 days, or at the end of 
the month*.

*Only credit customers may be billed at the end of the month.