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Our Products

Within your home, we use the safest and most effective cleaning products available that can safely clean and disinfect all the variety of surfaces we encounter. All product selections were made with consideration to the health and safety of our cleaning staff, customers and environment.
We are proud to offer customers an environmentally preferred product. To clean, sanitize and disinfect in the kitchen and bathrooms, we primarily use the H2Orange2 Concentrate 117 multi-purpose cleaner-sanitizer-virucide.

For additional information on EnvirOx products, click on this link:

Our cleaning staff comes equipped with all its own equipment and supplies. If you have a special preference for a cleaning product that you are currently using within your home, we ask you to provide us with access to the product on your scheduled cleaning days or provide us with the location of the product.

We do ask that the product be made available during your in-home consultation for our residential management staff to verify proper product usage, application and safety precautions.
We do not use bleach-based products unless pretreated by the customer. We assume no liability for usage of bleach-based products used in the home at the request of the customer.